General Information

Here's just a quick run down of what's happening where and when!

The marriage ceremony will take place in the Walled Garden at Gilford Castle on Saturday 31st May at 4.30pm.
Gildford Castle

The reception, dinner, music and merriment will follow the ceremony up at the house.

The wedding ceremony will be outdoors and there is a bit of a walk to the Walled Garden from the house, so just in case the weather is not the best, please bring umbrellas and wellie boots.

Everyone is welcome to a picnic lunch and a friendly cricket match at the local cricket pitch on Sunday at 12noon(ish).  If you would like to play please can you email us at, we need to give names for insurance reasons. Bring your whites!

Of course we don’t expect presents, but damn do we love em. The most important thing is that we see you on May 31st for the wedding itself so please don't feel obliged to buy us anything, but if you would like to do so and need a little inspiration, we've put together a list to help you along at
Tel IRL.         0818 22 22 22
Tel NI.         0845 045 0341
If you happen to find something that's on our list but in another outlet, you can take it off the list by clicking the reserve button.